Sustainability Statement

Produce and the Environment at Dalgreine Guest House

Breakfast – Keen to give our guests a hearty Scottish taste for their breakfast, we purchase our eggs, bacon, sausages, haggis & black pudding from our local butcher in Pitlochry. MacDonald’s butcher is a third generation family run business that sources its meat from Aberdeen, Forfar and Perth.


We are also very lucky to have the Blair Atholl Watermill in the village where they mill their own flour and bake most days of the week. This is a great place to visit and tour round as well as stay for a spot of home-made lunch.


Our porridge and breakfast smoothies are made from Scottish porridge oats. All our cream and milk comes from Scottish dairies.


Bedroom Refreshments – The water provided in the rooms is sourced from our taps and is perfectly safe to drink as well as delicious and fresh. Rather than use sachet milk we provide fresh milk for teas and coffee. Milk is kept in individual bottles in the fridge on the landing.


The Environment – Here at Dalgreine we are always looking for ways to reduce our impact on the planet. We know that running a busy guest-house often means that we have to use a lot of fuel and energy to ensure that all our guests have a comfortable and pleasant stay, so we look for other ways to reduce our carbon footprint. We no longer provide single use water bottles in rooms opting instead for a large glass bottles and using tap water. Additionally, we have changed our cotton buds from plastic to paper stem and our use of 300ml refillable soap dispensers means that we reduce the amount of plastic being thrown away after just one use. We also ask guests staying for longer than one night to consider re-using their towels to cut down the amount of energy consumed in washing and drying them. Our room kettles hold enough water for 2 hot drinks ensuring only the right amount is boiled each time. Additionally, to save energy consumption, we have changed our light bulbs to low watt LED throughout the guesthouse.


We recycle rubbish, food and garden waste where possible and to reduce unnecessary waste further we ask our guests to pre-order their breakfast the night before – we have found that this works well and helps us limit food waste to the absolute minimum.


These small but vital measures help us do our bit for the environment but we will continue to look for innovative ways to provide an excellent service to our guests but reduce our carbon footprint where we can.

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